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or by phone at 0049-89-69309000 (TRACHTEN RAUSCH GMBH)

from 11am to 7pm at our flagship store. 

Please note that phone service is not available at the outlet store. _________________________________________

OPEN only at Octoberfest 2024

Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Payment options: CASH, all major credit cards, debit cards, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa card, American Express


The Wiesn Outlet at Hermann Lingg Strasse 7 in Munich is operated by Trachten Rausch GmbH. We offer surplus stock from our store and annual overproductions of our collections during the octoberfest.

Under the year please visit our regular store https://www.trachtenrausch.com  we offer there also same men sets and trousers like at the outlet.

Men's Trachten Lederhosen:

We offer affordable Lederhosen and Bavarian Tracht fashion for men. At our outlet, you'll find a wide range of Lederhosen and various Bavarian attire options. Prices for Lederhosen start from 99 EUR.

For men's sets, including trousers, shirt, and socks, prices range from approximately 119 to 139 EUR, depending on the model you choose.

For Ladies:

Our outlet on Hermann Lingg Str. also offers a limited selection of dirndls. However, please be aware that we exclusively sell dirndls from previous collections that are not available in all assorted in sizes. Available sizes will range from US 4 to US 10, with dresses priced around 30 EUR to 100 EUR. 

Please note that fitting rooms for ladies are sometimes not available at the outlet as there is limited space at the wardrobes. You may try sizing by putting on one dress over your head and then select your preferred model.

Customers with higher expectations on look and quality and in search for beautiful dirndl dresses are invited to visit our flagship store Trachten Rausch in Ruppertstr. 32, 80337 München! We provide a wide range of high-quality dresses and an extensive selection of other items, including blouses, dirndl sweaters, and more. Our 2024 collections from our brand "Trachten Rausch" feature dirndl dresses crafted from velvet, cotton, and Jacquard fabrics, available in various colors and styles, ranging from German size 30 to 50 or US size 2 to 20. At our flagship store, we offer wardrobe facilities and dedicated female assistance for your convenience.

What a type of lederhosen should i buy?
Men lederhosen shorts: The legs of these shorts are a mid-thigh length and are perfect for springfestival or summer and the Oktoberfest - which actually starts in September! They are also usually worn with suspenders or additionally with a belt.


What is the significance of the embroidery on Lederhosen?

Our stores offer a variety of Lederhosen options, ranging from simple designs to intricate decorations and a wide array of colors. Typically, the trouser legs are adorned with detailed embroidery. These embroidery motifs may reflect affiliations with clubs or countries, or they may depict traditional themes such as alpine flowers.

What should I consider when purchasing a traditional pair of Lederhosen?
So, you've made the decision to get yourself a pair of leather pants. But how do you determine the right size and what other factors should you consider? The key thing to remember is that a snug fit is essential! When trying on a pair of Lederhosen for the first time, they should fit tightly—really snug, even a bit uncomfortably so. Why? Because the leather used to make them is a natural material that will stretch considerably over time due to your body heat and constant movement, especially around the legs and buttocks. The only area where a slightly looser fit is acceptable is the waistband. However, men's leather pants typically feature a lacing system at the back that allows for individual adjustment. At our shops, we ensure that all our customers find the perfect-fitting trousers. The second aspect to consider is the quality of the leather. At our stores, we provide top-tier leather quality across all price categories, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of excellence. Quality is not always apparent in a photograph; it's something you must feel for yourself.


How to care for your leather pants for men

Over time, leather trousers acquire a certain something - an aroma, a weathered appearance, a patina of indefinable charm. It is something that cannot be bought but has to be earned. Lederhosen do not mind if you have a few stains after a grand visit to Wiesn, if you have sweated like a pig, or if one or two scratches are visible on the leather. If you are really bothered, you can clean individual spots. For this purpose, it is recommended to work the stain with a leather brush or a leather eraser. As an alternative, you can also work out the stain with sparkling water and a gentle, rotating movement. If you feel that they should be thoroughly cleaned, we recommend using a professional leather cleaning service. The washing machine is taboo! If you feel they are a bit whiffy, giving them an airing often suffices. However, they are intended to be manly workwear, and frankly, a bit of grease and wear and tear adds to the genuine appearance of the article.


How to style your leather pants

There are a few guidelines to follow if you want to make a stylish statement in Lederhosen. Traditionally, men pair Lederhosen with a shirt, socks, a vest, and the iconic Haferlschuhe. However, during events like Oktoberfest or spring festivals, it's common to see a more relaxed approach to traditional attire. Many men opt for modern combinations, pairing Lederhosen with different shoes or shirts, as depicted in our picture.

To complete the outfit, a costume shirt and the warm traditional jacket with horn buttons is also suitable.

However, the key piece of every men's traditional costumes outfit has to be the genuine leather pants for men. Matching traditional stockings "Loferl" and a hat complete the outfit.


Visit also our flagship store TRACHTENRAUSCH in Ruppertstr. 32 in munich:

Our actual collections 2024 of our brand "Trachten Rausch" includes dirndl dresses made with velvet, cotton dirndls, jaquard dirndls in different colors and styles from german size 30 - 50 or US size 2 - 20. For men we offer the full range of bavarian trachten attire like mens trousers, trachten shirts, socks, lofers, charivaris, hat, shoes, hosenträger, trachtenvests, woolen jackets, pins for the hat, trachtenjackets, leathervests and so on.

We hope to see you soon at our outlet store from 18.09.2024 - 06.10.2024:

Dirndl, Lederhosen, Souvenirs, Trachten Outlet

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